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Our understanding of sales
isn’t theoretical. With our sister
company, D&D, we run many sales
campaigns, from new site launches
to impact sales programmes for
underperforming clubs and centres. That includes campaigns where we
are only paid on results, so no success means no money! What 
that tells us is that our campaigns work, as long as they are used correctly and the client’s sales system is working, both things we can help you with.

Make an impact

to help...


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Nothing matters more
than sales. It’s the lifeblood of
every club, gym and leisure centre, but
too often functions as a bolt-on service,
rather than being tightly integrated with
operations and marketing. Sales success
is driven by effective sales systems
embedded in an organisation with
everyone having a part to play,
rather that it being the sole
responsibility of a customer or
membership advisor.

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